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Elizabeth Bell Langford   Artist

After successfully completing an American Field Service Scholarship in Sacramento, U.S.A. Elizabeth trained in Fine Art painting at Brighton College of Art. She also studied printmaking, enamelling and jewellery design while a student. Among her tutors at college were painters Gillian Ayers, Patrick Burke, Dennis Creffield and Gwyther Irwin. Geoffrey Holden was her silver-smithing tutor whom she describes as an inspirational teacher saying,

 ‘Geoffrey interviewed me and I was offered a place at Brighton. This opportunity was my passport to higher education which I took up eagerly on my return from the gap year in U.S.A.’

She paints using watercolour and acrylic inks. Inspiration for her work comes from many things but a love of drawing and creating sketches underpins all her work. She enjoys working outside, painting and drawing in sketchbooks. She will often develop pictures back in the studio using work and sketches made on site.  Landscape forms a major part of her work and she combines coastal path walking and painting.

Recent successful projects include; being selected for ‘Inspired By..’ An exhibition held at Morley Gallery in London, sponsored by the V&A. For this work Elizabeth selected items from the V&A jewellery gallery in London to  inspire her own work of art. Being selected to exhibit in The Sunday Times Watercolour Competition which shows regularly at The Mall Galleries, London. Taking part in local Art Trails in Bristol, BS9 and North Bristol Artists.  

Elizabeth sold her jewellery in Harrods and a number of galleries and craft centres. Her work was shown in several of the ‘Loot’ exhibition at Goldsmiths’ Hall in London. She has also taken part in Goldsmiths’ Fair, held in The Goldsmiths’ Hall. As an educator, Elizabeth set up a pioneering jewellery making course at SGS College (Bristol Polytechnic, School of Adult Art Studies, as it then was) which she taught for several years.  Her jewellery has been exhibited throughout the U.K. and abroad and is in several private collections.

Elizabeth works as an artist in both Bristol and Devon and is a member of Devon Artists Network.

‘Three Graces’ brooch, sterling silver

‘Spyscape’ brooch, enamel , 9ct gold, carved shell and sterling silver